Paço de Glória – Meia Lua Renovation

Nestled within the enchanting grounds of Paço de Glória, a historic palace in Northern Portugal, the Meia Lua building stands as a testament to architectural grandeur. With the aim of offering an exceptional experience to discerning travelers, Paço de Glória sought to transform the Meia Lua into an exquisite retreat for holidays, retreats, and residencies. Lost & Found Home Design, Porto was entrusted with the task of refurbishing the Meia Lua and creating an inviting ambiance that harmonized with the palace’s rich heritage.

Client’s Design Brief

The design brief provided by Paço de Glória was clear and inspiring: to create a refuge where people could come together to celebrate, find solace, reflect on life, or navigate through moments of grief. The focus was to design a space that exuded warmth and tranquility, inviting guests to unwind and immerse themselves in the serene surroundings.

The Meia Lua renovation was designed to be a space that exuded warmth and tranquility

Concept and Execution

Lost & Found Home Design took a meticulous approach to the project, paying close attention to every detail specified in the design brief. The color scheme revolved around a restricted palette of soft peachy pink, mossy green, and putty tones, evoking a sense of serenity and elegance. These colors were carefully chosen to complement the natural beauty of the Meia Lua building.

To honor the region’s rich craftsmanship, Lost & Found Home Design collaborated with local artisans, including carpenters, metalworkers, potters, upholsterers, and weavers. This approach not only supported the local community but was also set to ensure that the design featured authentic, handcrafted elements that are unique to the area. The decorative pieces used in the design were sourced from these skilled artisans, lending a distinct character and sense of place to the project.

Emphasizing sustainability and eco-consciousness, Lost & Found Home Design employed innovative techniques to repurpose and upcycle furniture. Using a restricted palette of pure quality linens, they transformed existing pieces into stunning focal points. Local carpenters contributed to the project by crafting benches and coat racks from reclaimed wood, further adding to the eco-friendly approach.

Local Carpenters at Meia Lua
Soft palette of high quality linens with a garden view
CP Paco da Gloria 220726 0064
CP Paco da Gloria 220714 0017

Preserving History, Embracing Tradition

Preservation of historical elements was paramount to the design concept. Lost & Found Home Design meticulously restored 20th-century hand-painted headboards, breathing new life into these exquisite artifacts. Alternatively, hand-woven wicker headboards, produced in the north of Portugal, were thoughtfully integrated into the design with the assistance of local carpenters. By combining these traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics, the design achieved a delicate balance between history and modernity.


The collaboration between Lost & Found Home Design and Paço de Glória resulted in the successful transformation of the Meia Lua building into a haven of serenity and elegance. By adhering to a design brief that emphasized sustainability, local craftsmanship, and a restricted color palette, Lost & Found Home Design brought the vision of a place for holidays, retreats, and residencies to life. The Meia Lua now stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design, preserving its history, and embracing the traditions of Northern Portugal.

Through the harmonious fusion of architectural splendor and contemporary design, Lost & Found Home Design has created a space that welcomes guests, providing an unforgettable experience amidst the timeless beauty of Paço de Glória.

We were thoroughly impressed with Lost & Found Home Design’s work on the refurbishment of our Meia Lua building. Their keen eye for design, commitment to sustainability, and collaboration with local artisans resulted in a space that perfectly captured the essence of our vision. Lost & Found worked well with our architect and project manager embracing the team spirit of the project. They were consistently accessible for site visits, actively involved in the installation process, and diligent in following up on details. We would happily invite Lost & Found to be part of any future projects at Paço de Gloria.

Rebecca Illing – owner of Paço de Glória
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